Diesel Engine Maintenance is a beginner’s RYA course to help you maintain your boat’s engine and solve many of the common problems that might have stopped you getting home unaided. Mechanical failure is the main cause of rescue call outs to cruisers. Basic maintenance and engine care will help ensure that you are not part of this statistic.

This RYA course teaches you how your engine works, how to keep it healthy by using basic checks and maintenance procedures and how to get it started again in the event of a breakdown. Most engine problems can be avoided by taking simple precautions and you don’t need a detailed mechanical knowledge.

Whether you sail a yacht with an auxiliary diesel engine or are a motor cruising enthusiast, this course could not just save you money but one day could save your life.


The price of the course is 150€ per person or 250€ per couple. Further group discounts are available.

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This is a special version of the RYA Diesel Engine course run on your own boat at l’hospitalet d’infant and tailored to you own engine and systems rather than just being a general overview . The course will take place on your own boat in your own marina and lasts a day.

The option exists then to take this further with you performing a full engine service and maintenance exercise on your boat in the presence and under the instruction of a qualified RYA diesel engine instructor.

The price of the course for up to 2 people on your boat is 250€. Discounts are available for additional boats within the same marina. We are prepared to attend marinas along the Spanish Catalonia coast and distances further afield can be considered with a contribution to expenses.

A second day to try out the procedures for yourself and perform a full service on your engine under the supervision of a fully qualified RYA Engine Instructor is 200€ which is probably less than you would pay for an engine service performed by a mechanic and without you learning how to do it yourself!

l’hospitalet d’infant RYA Diesel Engine Course 250€ for 2 people on own boat